Expand your living space by converting your garage into the new room your family needs without reentering the housing market. ESV | Prime Construction will partner with you to convert your existing underutilized space into a fresh new space without the cost of a room addition. You can often add 200 to 400 square feet of “home” to your house with a garage conversion since your garage already has walls, a floor, and electrical wiring, so the conversion significantly reduces the time and investment into the remodeling process.

A garage conversion can suit practically any utilitarian purpose for your home. For instance, you can convert a garage into a master suite with a luxury bathroom, expand or create an entirely new kitchen, add a family room, playroom or guestroom. The possibilities are truly endless with this simple and low-cost investment. ESV | Prime Construction understands your need for increased living space and we have the years of expertise to transform your existing space into the room of your dreams at any budget.

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