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It is common for a family to outgrow a home and thus need more living space. Whether the arrival of a new baby or the creation of a home office necessitates the increased space, ESV | Prime Construction Specialists will partner with you to create a custom living space designed with your unique living situation in primary focus.

We take care of all of the technicalities, planning and logistics to ensure a stress-free experience from design, building to execution of your project all done under one roof. Using only the highest quality materials and sound building methods, we ensure that every job is state of the art with your satisfaction guaranteed.

House Addition Los Angeles

Using our architects and engineers for designing your dream project is our great advantage over our competitors, this way we can ensure that by the time plans are approved by the city your construction budget does not increase out of proportion.

A room addition can dramatically transform your existing living space or create new space in which your home environment is substantially upgraded.

Moreover, the creation of a new room can alleviate the pressure of constricted space allowing you to completely reorganize and redesign your home to suit your changing needs. In addition, the convenience of an additional bedroom, bathroom, laundry room or kitchen will provide for your increased spatial needs while increasing the total market value of your home.

If your home is too small for your family, moving into a larger one means spending a lot of money. Moving is not only expensive but would also disrupt your everyday live. This is where a home addition project could save your money while causing little disruption to your daily life.

Room Addition LA

Typically, a home addition project is much cheaper than the cost of buying a bigger house that includes expenses of relocation.

At ESV | Prime Construction, we specialize in developing home addition plans that suit your family’s needs and budget. Depending on your needs, you can consider getting an additional room, garage, or bathroom.  Our team consists of specialists to take care of everything- from design and architecture to project management and budgeting.

Over the years, we have completed several types of home addition projects such as adding a family room, a room above the garage, or an entire second floor. When we design and renovate your home, we make sure to enhance the overall appearance and value of your house.

We have experienced project managers who will collaborate with you to ensure that not only your needs met but also make sure the design perfectly blends with the current style and architecture.

Room Addition is the best way to get more space for your family. Whether you need to build a new room for rent purposes or simply need more space for your growing kids, we can help you achieve your specific goals.

At ESV Construction, we specialize in a wide range of home addition projects such as room additions, kitchen addition, second-story addition, bathroom additions, ADU construction, and more. Our home addition process begins with an on-site consultation to understand your goals and vision.

We always keep our clients in the loop throughout every stage of the project. Our team consists of design and construction specialists to deliver you a perfect solution. We provide undivided attention to each client from start to finish which results in providing exceptional results.


A room addition is the most cost-effective way to get more space. Whether your family has grown or you need an extra bedroom for your in-laws, we can build an extra room or luxury suite to meet your needs. We have qualified architects, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and other craftsmen to provide you a complete solution.  Our experts make sure that your new room perfectly blends with the existing style and architecture of your house. Moreover, from the conceptual design phase to the final construction, we ensure that the entire process is seamless from concept to completion.

Room Addition Contractor LA

Our home addition services include building a second floor, adding a new room, bathroom, or home extension at the front or back of the house. We carefully listen to our customer’s needs and growing family requirements to create a plan that meets their specific requirements.

Our team consists of design and construction experts to offer you endless possibilities. From creating a luxurious master suite to adding a new bathroom or sunroom, no project is too big or complex for us. We create realistic and custom plans that suit the needs and expectations of our clients.

Moreover, we provide clear project estimates and keep you updated about every aspect of your project.

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