At ESV | Prime Construction, we specialize in honest, quality guaranteed electrical work for both commercial and residential property. Our business is dedicated to servicing the client’s specific electrical needs no matter how large or small. Whatever your vision is for your living or work space, our experienced and licensed team will work with you to transform your goal into a tangible reality. Working with the client to discuss all options available, we will find the electrical solution that fits any spatial environment. From outlet and switch installation to total room rewiring, we possess the knowledge to illuminate your space while avoiding obstacles that often arise from faulty electrical work.

Electrical work should always be approached with safety in mind along with the client’s aesthetic vision. At ESV | Prime Construction we pride ourselves on never compromising on appearance or safety in our work and the end result is a custom designed electrical system that will add value to your home while illuminating it from the inside out.

An investment in an electrical upgrade can transform everything from the functionality of appliances to providing an enhanced sense of tranquility in the home. At ESV | Prime Construction, we bring the spirit of cooperation and leadership to your unique vision of your living space.

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