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With building space becoming more scarce and expensive in Los Angeles Area, Accessory Dwelling Units commonly referred to as ADUs have increased in popularity. ADU could be attached or detached from an existing property. An existing garage could be converted into ADU.

ADU Construction Contractor, Los Angeles

If you need a perfect housing solution for your in-laws or grandparents, we are here to help! As an experienced home design and construction contractor in LA, we provide ADU construction services that make the best use of your space. We can design and build a detached ADU (carriage house), as well as an attached (converted garage). Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), also known as accessory apartments, secondary suites, or granny flat is a small home built on an already existing single-family dwelling. You may consider ADU construction for housing your college-going kids, caregivers, grandparents, or even tenants. However, when planning to build ADU in Los Angeles, make sure to hire an experienced and certified contractor. Not all contractors understand the laws related to designing and building ADU.

At ESV Construction, we have a team of specialists to design ADUs that get easily permitted and approved. As a professional ADU construction contractor in LA, we can tailor the project to suit your specific needs. ADU is most popularly used to let in-laws or grandparents live close by while maintaining privacy. You can also get an extra source of income by renting out the ADU. No matter why you need to build ADU, we offer a range of services such as:

  • Constructing new detached ADU
  • Constructing an attached ADU to the main home
  • Converting or expanding an existing secondary structure like garage into an ADU
  • And More!


ADU Construction in Los Angeles

As long established general contractors, we provide reliable ADU construction services in Los Angeles Area.

An ADU is the perfect solution for housing grandparents, in-laws, kids in college or used as a rental property and can be built in size of up to 1200 square feet.

As a reliable construction company in Los Angeles, all of our ADU construction project meet and exceed provisions specified by Department of Public Works, Building and Safety Division and Fire Departments.

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