Four Common Kitchen Design Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Four Common Kitchen Design Challenges and How to Overcome Them

The homeowners having even the best of the kitchens are often seen complaining to the designers about how their current spaces are not up to the mark and pose difficulties in performing the basic chores. They keep frustrating over recurring kitchen issues and feeling the dissatisfaction all the time thinking that the inherited kitchen doesn’t meet their needs.

And while some problems can be fixed on your own, others may require a professional renovation help. Expert designers and renovation contractors can be hired to understand how you live in your home now and how you wish to use it in the future. They try to dig deep into your lifestyles and habits and make an elaborated list of your likes and dislikes to perfect better decisions.

Besides, these specialists know that every kitchen area comes with its own set of unique challenges and hence, guide you through what all is sufficient with careful planning and consideration.

Generally, residential kitchens encounter any or all of the following design problems which, fortunately, can be handled and overcome by taking the right route –

  1. Insufficient Storage

Not having enough storage space for your daily utensils, hand blenders, or mini coffee making machines can quickly lead to clutter and mess, increasing your levels of agitation. You may use your elongated countertops across the kitchen, but the situation may remain for the worst.

So, the best way to maximize your storage area is to include more number of cabinets that can make use of those idle corners and swing open to reveal a beautiful pull-out basket loaded with your essentials.

  1. Poor Layout and Workflow

A kitchen layout designed without proper research and planning can be a bigger nuisance than you may think. It makes your workspace hard to use and also stop you from enjoying it to the core and make your workflow (work triangle) look chaotic in case there are one or more individuals present.

Thus, to avoid that, you better assess your lifestyle, the number of people in your home, who cooks and what your preferred cooking style is and then choose a U-shaped, G-shaped, or L-shaped kitchen layout.

  1. Improper Drainage System

Kitchens with bad drainage systems often produce a strange foul smell without anybody knowing about it. The dirty water keeps blocking the drain pipes and rotting more than often, requiring more careful preventive measures on your part.

Some easy ways that can help you through this situation are – using drain guards and drain cleaners, boiling water and baking soda or lemon juice regularly.

  1. Inadequate Lighting

Kitchens that lack enough lighting are a total mess when it comes to cooking and highly inconvenient when is time for cutting or chopping veggies. And this is usually an issue when there are no windows installed to let in natural lighting or no high-quality bulbs installed to get good artificial lighting.

Therefore, make sure that you ask for effective task lighting over your worktop, hob and sink area while remodeling the kitchen to gain functionality with high visual impact.

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