Yes, of course! At ESV | Prime Construction we consider several components when doing this type of remodel. Is the wall load bearing? How much electrical is running through the wall? What are you going to do about the flooring? If the wall is load bearing, do you want the beam exposed or recessed into the ceiling (which is more costly)? With a project of this nature, usually the ceilings on both sides will have to have the texture touched up and both ceilings repainted as well as the walls. There are numerous factors to consider. Let us walk you through that process.

First of all, with any remodeling project, there may be glitches that arise. At ESV | Prime Construction we promise to address and to respond to any problem right away. Ari Sherf, owner and CEO, will come up with a solution, implement it, and the project will move forward.

This all depends on the nature of your specific house or office setup and your vision for your new space. Many factors enter into the equation when determining the timeline to complete a project. At ESV | Prime Construction will do our best to give you an accurate timeline and to keep you informed as to the project’s trajectory every step of the way.

Call the local National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) office, 817-753-6181, and ask for information. In addition, looking at a particular contractor’s website will reveal a lot about a contractor in terms of their professionalism and attention to detail. Also, a search on YELP may provide useful testimonial information from former clients.

Do you stand behind your work? Am I getting a good value? How long have you been doing this? Ask if they have references and referrals, pictures with close ups maybe a portfolio. How long will this take to complete from start to finish? Have you ever done a project like this before? How much insurance do you carry and what kind?

At ESV | Prime Construction we are committed to transparent price estimates without any hidden costs or fees. Everything from the cost of materials to the cost of obtaining specific permits will be clearly outlined for your review and approval.

There could be several reasons for this:

Scope of work is not the same
Insurance verses no insurance
Type of materials used
Attention to detail