Learn How to Hire a General Contractor

If you are planning for your dream home, then your decision-making skills needs to improve drastically. Life is full of tough decisions, but deciding who will build your new home is tougher than most of the other decisions in life. All hands down, choosing a contractor to build your new home is tough.

The first step towards choosing the right contractor for your dream home is that you should have an idea about the scale of the project you are planning. You should have a rough idea of how your dream home will look like, how many bedrooms you really want, how many bathrooms etc. It is good to have a floor plan before you can contact a contractor. This will help the contractor to give you a better bid.

As we said, deciding on the general contractor is not easy, and therefore will need several meetings and exchange of information between you and your potential home builders. First, find out about good general contractors. Reliable sources to find out good general contractors are,

  • Internet- This vast labyrinth contains almost all the information you need. You just need to search with the right keywords. Maybe you can try writing “general contractors” +” area you live in”.
  • Local people- The local people will know good contractors. It is actually a good idea to find out reputed general contractors in the area.
  • There would be a local builder association, who will help you with the list of local builders.
  • You may also visit some of the construction site in your area, to find out the names of general contractors working there.

Once you have shortlisted some of the general contractors, depending on the reputation and client testimonies, meet with them. Tell them to bring some proof and documentation about licenses.

  • General Contractors License
  • Liability Insurance
  • If the builder has its own laborer’s, then also tell them to bring down their employment letters.
  • The builder should be a member of the local builder association.
  • Ask for the contractor’s permanent office address.
  • Ask for his work portfolio.
  • Your general contractor should arrange for all the necessary permits for you. If he can’t, then he maybe has a problem with license.
  • Ask your contractor to provide with references or testimonials from his previous clients.

If your contractor provides all the documentation, then it’s time to discuss your plan with him. If you have the floor plan ready, then provide the contractor with the floor plan. Explain all your needs to the home builder. Visualize every room in your mind, and pressurize on perfection. Request a detailed bid from the contractor, with all the labor cost and material cost. Ask everything in writing from the builder.

Before selecting any contractor, consider at least 3-4 proposals. Find the best among them, and give them the responsibility of the contract.

The contract should have everything in writing. It needs to be the detailed description of every work, with every material, and number of labors needed. It should include the total inclusive cost that you and builder have mutually agreed on. Finally, you should understand everything before you sign a contract. Read everything and then sign the paper. ESV constructions is one of the most reputed and well known general contractors in Los Angeles area. With awesome track record, and fantastic testimonies to back their work with, they are one of the best contractor available in the market.

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